Southampton cannabis dispensary takes shape to support Shinnecock Nation

Rendering of the dispensary interior at Little Beach Harvest.
Rendering of the dispensary interior at Little Beach Harvest.

Rendering of the dispensary interior at Little Beach Harvest. Paving the way for Indigenous businesses within the cannabis industry, Chenae Bullock is the managing director of Little Beach Harvest, the Shinnecock Nation ’s first wholly owned cannabis dispensary and growing operation. The creation of Little Beach Harvest was possible due to the Shinnecock tribe’s own intergenerational knowledge of plant medicine, paired with their operational partners TILT Holdings and Conner Green . Facing challenges related to social equity and economic opportunity for their tribe, Little Beach Harvest’s economic development partnerships aid in their mission to achieve socio-economic equity through their growth in the cannabis industry.

Native to the Shinnecock tribal territory of Southampton, New York, Bullock is passionate about the environmental, social, and economic benefits of their tribal ventures into the cannabis industry. Following the groundbreaking ceremony held in July, Little Beach Harvest is expecting an opening of their dispensary facility in 2023.

New York Nonprofit Media caught up with Bullock to learn how Little Beach Harvest came together, the promise of economic sustainability it makes for the Shinnecock Nation and how the dispensary will serve surrounding communities.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What inspired the creation of Little Beach Harvest?

Well, our tribe has been working with cannabis and using cannabis for a very long time. We’ve also been heavily affected by the war on drugs, like any other minority community. But because we have our own sovereign lands and our own sovereign laws, we’ve had […]

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