Shinnecock Tribe Wins Right to Keep Electronic Billboard on Long Island

Shinnecock Indian Nation’s Monument Sign getting a face lift last week. Photograph courtesy of the Shinnecock Indian Nation Published May 19, 2020

SHINNECOCK NATION — The Shinnecock Indian Nation got a victory in New York state Supreme Court in its fight to keep its electronic billboard, built on a right-of-way along Sunrise Highway on Long Island.

On Monday, Judge Sanford Neil Berland denied the state of New York’s request for a preliminary injunction to the Shinnecock Indian Nation’s billboard and monument on Sunrise Highway. The state of New York had been trying to force the tribe to take down the 61-feet electronic digital billboard, called the Shinnecock Indian Nation’s Monument Signs project. Located 90 miles from Manhattan, the Shinnecock Indian Nation serves at a gateway to the Hamptons with neighbors who live in posh mansions for the rich and famous.

The sign is the first of two that the tribe has planned in the area. The signs are a means of economic development for the tribe, generating advertising revenue for the Shinnecock Nation, which gained federal recognition in 2010. Unlike many other tribes in the northeastern U.S., the Shinnecock Nation does not have a tribal casino to generate revenue to fund the tribal government and services.

At the time the billboard was erected, the Shinnecock Indian Nation faced strong resistance from the adjacent town of Southampton, which served the tribal nation with a cease-and-desist order. The town said the Nation began building the billboard without the proper local permits. As a […]

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