Shawnee Tribe releases report detailing poor conditions of Shawnee Indian Mission in Fairway

Shawnee Indian Mission
Shawnee Indian Mission

The Shawnee Indian Mission site is in Fairway, KS KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Shawnee Tribe wants to take over ownership of the Shawnee Indian Mission site in Fairway, Kansas.

Shawnee children lived and worked at the Mission , and some died while enrolled there in the 1800s. It opened in 1839 as a manual labor school and shut down in 1862.

The Tribe says the site has fallen into disrepair and wants to run it in order to preserve and manage it as a sacred site.

The Kansas Historical Society owns the site and manages preservation, while the City of Fairway is in charge of daily operations. The city receives funding from the Shawnee Indian Mission Foundation. The state historical society receives its funding from the Kansas legislature.

The Shawnee Tribe contracted with ARG (Architectural Resources Group) , a historical architecture firm based out of San Francisco, to take a look at the site and recommend a plan to stabilize and preserve it.

ARG visited the site in Sept. 2021 and conducted a visual survey outside and inside the three buildings at the Mission.

The firm finished its report in Dec. 2021, and The Tribe released it Tuesday.According to the report, the three buildings “are in need of significant repair and maintenance work, ideally within the next 12 to 18 months.”The ARG estimates it’ll cost $6.6 million to $13 million to fix the issues.The costs reflect what was assessed in Dec. 2021 and ARG suspects it cost “significantly more today and will continue to […]

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