Poarch Creek Indians to Build Meat Processing Facility


The Poarch Band of Creek Indians has announced plans to build a new meat processing facility.

The Tribe has operated Perdido River Farms since 1992 on its land in Atmore, which it says is one of the largest cattle farms in the state.

The meat processing facility will be USDA inspected and have the capacity to process up to 125 cattle per week. The Poarch Creek Indians say they will be able to harvest and process cattle and hogs for both livestock-producing customers and a retail and wholesale business.

“Like so many other local meat producers, we have had no other option other than to send the cattle we raised right here at Perdido River Farms out of state for processing,” The Poarch Band of Creek Indians Chairwoman and CEO Stephanie A. Bryan said.

“This new facility will provide us and other farmers the opportunity to process locally- raised beef and pork right here in Atmore. Not only will that make bringing a wonderful product to market easier and more cost-effective, it will also give Alabama producers an opportunity to be part of the “farm to table” movement that is so important to both consumers and local agriculture.”

The Tribe plans to complete the project by the end of 2023.

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