National health pilot project works to combat diabetes in four First Nations communities

Isadore Day, CEO of Bimaadzwin


Life hasn’t slowed down for former Ontario Regiona Chief Isadore Day who may have put politics behind him but launching his consulting firm Bimaadzwin still meant working with First Nations.

Isadore Day launched Bimaadzwin in 2018 with the idea, he says, to “Advance Our Nations through Nation Building.”

Since then the company has been engaged in a number of projects with First Nations and is now adding a new grassroots health pilot project to list of community initiatives.

Four Indigenous communities – representing thousands of members burdened with diabetes – have now been selected for health pilot project funding through PATHWAYS Indigenous Health Collaborations being led by Day’s Bimaadzwin and Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.

Bimaadzwin – which means “life” or “good path” in Anishinaabe , was incorporated in July 2018 by Isadore Day as a way to continue to work with First Nations.“Our Peoples need to create happy, healthy communities through self-governance and economic development that focuses on First Nation jurisdiction. We are the land. There is much work to be done with government, business, and society to improve outcomes in all areas – economic, health, governance, and justice, he says.Day, the CEO of Bimaadzwin, said he created it to “assist our Peoples in doing the work necessary to begin building better lives now, and to create a legacy of prosperity for our children.”The lastest community-driven projects, he says are “intended to empower members living with chronic diseases and improve health outcomes.” The projects will see guidance from […]

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