Lumbee Tribe Holdings dives further into federal contracting

PEMBROKE, N.C. — The business arm of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina aims to leverage Native American advantages in federal contracting to help grow the tribe’s economy. Joshua Malcolm. Courtesy photo. Lumbee Tribe Holdings Inc., the tribe’s holding company, now has two subsidiaries that have become 8(a) certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The tribe previously had used the preferential status in bidding on federal contracts via its general administration services subsidiary, Lumbee Tribe Enterprises (LTE). It now plans to extend its reach into federal contracting with Lumbee IT Solutions (LITS), which received 8(a) certification last month.

Lumbee Tribe Holdings President and CEO Joshua Malcolm said the IT subsidiary wants to lean into the 8(a) certification to help establish and grow the operation in federal I.T. contracting.

“LTE has 17 contracts where they’re the prime contractor; that’s what we want to do with LITS,” Malcolm told Tribal Business News . “Especially now that the company has 8(a), within the next six months, we hope LITS has become the prime on a contract with one of our existing or a new federal agency partner.”

The tribe launched Lumbee IT Solutions and construction company Lumbee 56 Construction simultaneously in May 2020 and began the process of securing 8(a) certification for both companies. The overarching goal with growing the divisions is to allow the tribe to localize its hiring and “lift up” southeastern North Carolina.

“It’s important to be profitable, but also it’s our goal to employ individuals in our tribal territory,” Malcolm said. “We […]

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