How the Buc-ee’s partnership shapes the Exit 407 project

One Feather Staff

Bu-cee’s, a chain of travel centers and gas stations, has officially engaged in a partnership with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

On Tuesday, June 22, a press release was distributed with this landmark announcement. The Houston-based franchise will retain its claim of having the largest convenience store in the world, only now that store will be in Sevier County, Tennessee. The 74,000-square-foot facility was the first partnership at the development on the Exit 407 property. Kituwah, LLC purchased the 200-acre parcel for $13.5 million in 2019, and Buc-ee’s portion encompasses about 30 acres of that land.

“We’ve been working with them to get all of their variances, their permits and all of that for about six months. We actually had our first discussion with them prior to the beginning of COVID. So, that would’ve been, I want to say in February,” said Mark Hubble, chief executive officer of the Kituwah, LLC.

Hubble said that this is beginning of a busy year for the 407 project. He said that it was important that the first tenant was home run, and they are extremely confident about negotiations with other tenants moving forward.

“That was the initial strategy here. When you’re building one of these larger developments, getting someone who wants to be first … and can be a minimal viable experience and a profitable experience on their own is the most important part of the concept. Then we can go to the second stage, what is the next best experience as […]

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