Historic Koi Nation Native American Tribe Plans Shiloh Resort & Casino in California Wine Country

Koi Nation Selects 68-Acre Property to Re-establish Tribal Land Base in Sonoma County

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Koi Nation , one of the state’s federally recognized Native American tribes, today announced it has selected a 68-acre site in unincorporated Sonoma County to re-establish its tribal land base. The Koi have filed plans to build a resort and casino on the site, exercising their sovereign rights under federal law.

The property selection restores the Tribe’s ability to exercise its rights to self-governance and will provide a base for economic development that will sustain the Koi Nation’s independence within a few miles of its ancestral home.

“The Koi Nation has had to struggle harder than almost any other Tribe in California to re-establish our sovereignty,” said Darin Beltran, Tribal Chairman. “Despite this treatment, however, we have endured. It is time to exercise our rights as a federally recognized Tribe to have our own land and to control our own destiny.”

Koi Nation said it plans to build the Shiloh Resort & Casino on its property at 222 E. Shiloh Road. The project will include a 2,500 Class III gaming machine facility, a 200-room hotel, six restaurant and food service areas, a meeting center and a spa. The design for the low-rise facility integrates with the natural beauty of the site and will be energy-efficient and respectful of the environment, in keeping with the Tribe’s historic relationship with the land. The property will be designated as entirely non-smoking, respecting the […]

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