7 Recent Administration Proposals Potentially Benefiting Tribes

In a recent span of thirty days, the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) and the Biden Administration announced no fewer than seven key policy proposals with the potential to greatly benefit tribes, tribal organizations and Native-owned businesses. Here’s an overview of each one, with guidance in some cases on how to provide input in the decision-making process. 1. Joint Secretarial Order 3403

Recognizing that DOI and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will benefit by incorporating Tribal expertise and Indigenous knowledge into federal land and resources management, the departments are urging Tribes to submit Tribal proposals and ideas on how to best manage the millions of acres of Federal lands and water that were previously owned and managed by Indian Tribes. Last November, the Interior and USDA issued Order No. 3403 a “Joint Secretarial Order on Fulfilling the Trust Responsibility to Indian Tribes in the Stewardship of Federal Lands and Waters.” 2. Tribal Treaty Database

In a collaboration with DOI and Oklahoma State University, USDA is developing and regularly updating a tribal treaty rights database to better understand and fulfill treaty rights obligations. During the 2021 White House Tribal Nations Summit, President Biden announced that the Interior and sixteen other federal agencies formally committed to protecting Tribal treaty rights in agency policymaking and regulatory processes, formalized in the “ Memorandum of Understanding regarding Interagency Coordination and Collaboration for the Protection of Tribal Treaty Rights and Reserved Rights .” Tribes whose treaties contain federal promises that have gone unperformed are […]

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